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Adviosry Services

Our advisory services are delivered by people who combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of specialist property sectors with the highest standards of client care. Through our advice, our property management capabilities, property valuation expertise and the transactional services we provide, we help our clients to fulfil their real estate needs – whatever and wherever they are.

Our involvement does not start and end with a sale or purchase; But we offers a range of real estate consultancy services as follows to establish, maintain and develop the capital and rental value of your property.

Property Investments Advisory

Rightplace experts represent all aspects of commercial, residential and special property investments, for both acquisitions and dispositions. We work with not only large investments, but also small or intermediate-level investments as well. As a local expert with excellent professional background, characterized by a solid analytical profile on comprehensive investment and business asset resources, RightPlace offer professional market knowledge on local market data, financing and investment strategies for our client.

All ways RightPlace recognize business, investments, client satisfaction and the sense of urgency in today's business environment.

Corporate Advisory

RightPlace is the ideal partners for corporate real estate experts, guiding the process through feasibility studies, site selections, leasing services and acquisition strategies. We are armed with the latest and best industry data, along with the highest-ranked technology services to assist in valuation, assessments and analysis of real property and assets.

RightPlace is readily available and prepared to respond to your unique needs at any time you required with premier loyalty with highest standards.


RightPlace strive to be the leader in the industry in development advisory and consulting in Sri Lanka. We assist in every step of the development process, from strategic site acquisition, to build-to-suit and design build development, to compulsory purchases and leasing or dispositions, for small scale to big box to global development projects.

With a thorough understanding of local markets, paired with an unmatched partnerships and network of practitioners with specific and exclusive areas of expertise, RightPlace can maximize your business investments and development practices throughout Sri Lanka.

Property Management

RightPlace provide across-the-board services for property management. We handle financial services such as reporting, rent collection and budget management, and coordinate scheduling repairs, maintenance and inspections. Our promise is that you can enjoy maximum profits and benefits with RightPlace.

RightPlace all ways deliver high-quality creative solutions, flexibility in operations, and a dedication to client care and service. You can find a dedicated and accessible expert who's happy to assist you with all of your property management needs at any time.

Acquisition / Buyers

RightPlace around Sri Lanka represent individual buyers to top corporate clients. We are focused on local market knowledge and access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date data, economic forecasts and trends. RightPlace likely have offices in your immediate market.

The property acquisition process can be complex and challenging from the beginning. It is difficult to identify qualified properties such as houses, shops, apartments and lands for sale, manage the transaction and successfully close. RightPlace is qualified to handle deal structure, due diligence, financial underwriting and transactional processing, which are all critical elements of the acquisition process.

Disposition / Sellers

Effectively selling any property in today's market environment is a significant challenge. RightPlace have the skills, knowledge and resources to overcome these challenges and maximize the equity in their clients' properties.

RightPlace access to the highest local expertise in property valuation. They are supremely prepared and qualified to handle the sale of your business or property. RightPlace also have the best online and offline resources to provide your properties the broadest exposure to potential buyers within short period of time.

Leasing: Tenant Representation

If your business is outgrowing its current space, a RightPlace is your ideal partner for locating space, negotiating the most effective lease rate, and assisting in the strategic planning of your operation expansion.

RightPlace will assist with every stage in the relocation process, from site consulting and leasing or subletting to strategic planning and asset management. Backed by a successful local network, a RightPlace is the best choice to represent you as a tenant.

Leasing: Landlord Representation

RightPlace is ideal partner for lease reviews, restructuring and client negotiations. We use the best tools, online and offline, to give your property the broadest exposure much as possible. On your behalf, you RightPlace will conduct thorough searches to aggressively prospect, locate and qualify the best tenants, and then negotiate leasing agreements with the highest rate of return. RightPlace will also minimize the voids to your spaces to maximum occupancy levels. Powered by the most recognized pro real estate brand in Sri Lankan, RightPlace can maximize your property exposure and assist with every step of the leasing process.

Valuation & Advisory Services

Rightplace provides comprehensive valuation, advisory and consulting services for real estate owners, investors and lenders, combining our specialized expertise and premier technologies to deliver industry leading valuation reports and analysis.

Consulting and Advisory Services

RightPlace is part of the Sri Lankas most productive real estate advisory firm Trustus Bussiness Solutions & Advisory Services (Pvt) Limited, powered by with the latest knowledge and best technology to assist you in achieving your business goals. We serve as ideal chartered valuation surveyors, project managers, facilities managers, legal advisors, chartered architects, chartered quantity surveyors, engineers, land surveyors and consultants. Through RightPLace, you tap into a vast pool of knowledge, market analytics, metrics and data that can help you leverage your business assets into global business growth.

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