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Mortgages and Financing

Calculating out what you can afford with your earnings, Sorting out your finances, Finding and choosing a mortgage or other sources, Understanding the different mortgage types matches you requirement, How a mortgage lender assesses you and your mortgage application, Getting a mortgage agreement in principle, Submitting your mortgage application, What to do once you’ve got a decision, What to expect from the lender’s valuation of the property.

Buying a Property

The advantages of buying, Different ways to buy property, Ways to own property, How to find a property to buy to fulfill your requirement, Benefits of buying through an agent, Getting the most out of viewings, Making an offer on a property you like, Offer accepted.

Ways to Buy Property

How can fund your property purchase using different financing source.

Once You Accept Offer

Introduction to convincing, Costs of conveyance, Additional costs of buying, Property chains and why it all takes so long, Exchanging contracts or title deeds, What happens at completion, Preparing to move, Moving day.

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