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Aim is to empower the Sri Lankan’s decisions around property listing. Our sophisticated, but simple, property search platform makes it easy for property hunters to find their ‘rightplace’.

Moreover offer our exceptional talent, giving our clients that vital edge when rising to their real estate solutions.

We have an excellent professional background, characterized by a solid analytical profile, an excellent ability for teamwork, and a special talent for thriving at all levels of any real estate problem in any business organization or individual.

Our professional team look for an exceptional working environment enabling them to hone their skills. Through our strategic business partners and efficient professional services practices in real estate industry.

In the other hand we will provide advertising space for special interested parties in real estate industry.If you are interested to get more visibility to your real estate product in Sri Lanka, you can all ways, trust on our website the most professional property advertising website. is the Sri Lankan most innovative property platform and operates a two-sided network. On one side we have the property sellers and the other side we have most engaged property audience as property buyers and on the same time we create place for the largest inventory of properties for sale or to rent.

We provide a platform for property owners and property searches to advertise their properties and search free of charge. We provide significant advertising tips to real estate firms and developers at affordable fee. Contact Details:

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